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Edwin Y Endo OD can assist you with eyeglasses, contact lenses and more in the Aiea area. Our office is not only equipped to examine your eyes, but we can set you up with whatever you need in terms of eyewear. We even connect our customers with nutritional resources that encourage and support eye health. You will find a host of information below, but feel free to contact us directly with questions, or if you are ready to purchase eyewear or contact lenses. We'd love to help you.
  • Star eyewear/sunglasses

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  • Tail slide eye wear

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  • TC charton Asian Fit Eyewear

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  • Maui Jim eyewear

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  • Asian fit eyewear

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  • Stingray eyewear/sunglasses

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Contact lenses

Soft Contact Lenses (all major brands available)
  • One Day Disposables: One Day Oasys, Daily Total One, Ciba Night & Day, Biotrue, TruEyes
  • Two Week Disposables: Acuvue 2, Biomedics, Freshlook Tint, Colorblends, Oasys
  • Monthly to Quarterly: Air Optix Aqua Monthly, Vita
  • Quarterly to Semi-Annually: Edge111XT, Softcon EW
  • Annually
  • Colors:  Freshlooks & Colorblends, Air Optix Aqua Colors
  • Bifocals: Alcon, Johnson & Johnson, B&L, Cooper Vision, Multifocal, Ultra,
Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (all major brands available)
  • HDS 100, Boston Envision, Boston ES, Boston Rxd, Boston 7, Boston XO, Fluorex, Flurocon, Fluoroperm, Menicon, Polycon, Tangent Streak
  • Bifocals, Trifocals, Monovision, Bitorics, are available
  • Synergy Eyes Specialty Contact Lenses
Patient Benefits
  • Fast ordering & competitive pricing & rebates
  • We provide excellent service & value.
  • Offer direct delivery
  • Provide same-day dispensing.
  • Unlike Mail-Order companies we do not charge for membership, we are authorized distributors, we make no substititions, and we do not sell lenses with early expiration date.
Special Pricing (not including eye examination and fitting fees). For more information about contact lenses, or to place an order, call our office.

Description Quantity Price Rebate* Price after rebate   


We offer eyewear for a changing world leading the way with the latest, fashionable and trendy spectacle frames. For a list of different types of lenses, electromagnetic energizing eyewear, or an EyeGlass Guide, call our office. 
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses: We are now authorized re-sellers of Maui Jim Sunglasses including RX.
  • Coach, Fendi, Nike, and Flexon
  • Kate Spade and Gucci
  • Nine West
  • Bebe                                    
  • Carrera
  • Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani
  • Esprit
  • Shiseido
  • Christian DiorCharmant
  • Luxottica
  • Marchon
  • Tura and Ted Baker
  • Hush Puppies and More
  • Selected Complete frames with single vision lenses starting at $55
  • Selected Complete frames with single vision polycarbonate lenses starting at $95
  • Selected Complete frames with plastic bifocal lenses starting at $95
  • We offer all the major and top-of-the-line Hi-tech eyewear lenses including:
  • Hi-index lenses for plastic and glass
  • Technically Advanced Progressive Addition Lenses
  • Varilux Physio 360
  • Space Age Variable Tinted lenses-Transitions
  • Finest Antireflective coatings
  • Polaroid Polycarbonate Clip On-Magnetically attached Sunglass clips
Fashion trends/Colors: 
Well-known designer labels have come out with new introductions along new sleeker, smaller-shaped lines. Last year, it was glamour and big, now it's closer to the eye and sexier. Plastics and metals are both strong, but metals are the most popular. Combinations of metal fronts and plastic temples look good, too.

In metal frames, the oval and rectangle are the most popular shapes, followed by squares and skinny ovals & small wires in all shapes.
The best colors are matte-black and tortoise, followed by deep browns and deep olives. The brown family is particularly noteworthy, everything from metallicized bronzes to warm beige & copper. Leading-edge colors are ruby reds to purples, shades of indigo and blue.

There are some brights, in the yellow, celery, and orange families, especially in sport lines. Colored lenses, which we started last summer, have been outstanding, and these will continue. The top lens color is blue, followed by yellow, orange, and violet.
There's a new look in finishes: a light metallicized, translucent, or a muted pearlized, which gives a more matte finish.    
Here is a listing of types of lenses that are available for those who want to know:
  • Transitions Vantage
  • Meet the Lenses
  • Guide to eyeglasses and prescription lenses

Please note that not all lenses & coatings are made the same. There are differences in price & quality including the manufacturing process, patented curves and aspheric designs that allows the best visual clarity possible. We carefully select the highest quality manufacturers and products for your complete satisfaction and guarantee. We also offer the latest and thinnest lenses at the best possible pricing.

Coatings: Anti-scratch coatings, anti-reflection coatings, mirror coatings.
Computer Glasses: Panamic, Ao technica, etc.
Edges: can be rolled and polished.
Lenses That Darken in the Sun

Solera (new), Next Generation Transitions, Photoshades, Transitions III, XtraActive,
Photogray and Photobrown Extra, Photosun 11, Sunsensors, Quantum, Splitz, and others.

Multifocals: Flat tops (25,28,35), roundtops (22), executives (bifocals and trifocals), trifocals (7X25, 7X28, 7X35, 8X35).

Occupational: Quadrafocals (trifocal on the bottom with an upside down flat top above), Double bifocals (bifocal on the bottom with an upside down bifocal above), and others.
Polaroids: Omega sunlens, grey a, c, green or brown c, & Eagle 475. Comes in plastic, transitions, high index, polycarbonates, and glass. The performance of Varilux

. the world's most advanced progressive lens design
. wide and dynamic vision
. proven track record in patient satisfaction

The performance of polarizing technology:

. eliminates blinding glare from reflective surfaces
. 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays
. more comfortable vision with less eyestrain

Progressive addition: AO B'Active, Access, Varilux Panamic, Crystal, Percepta, Seiko P-6, Linefree, Premier, Zeiss Gradal & RD, AO Pro series, and many others.

Single Vision: plastics, glass, super hi-index plastic or glass, polycarbonates. We offer the thinnest and highest quality lenses available.

Sports/Safety Glasses: Polycarbonates are the safest.

Tints/Special coatings: Virtually any color tint (solid, gradient, double gradient) are available. Most popular are grays, browns, pink, yellow, orange & blues. Special coatings include pastels mirror, multi colored mirror, vuarnet style mirror, blue blocker, black mirror, shooter's lens, etc.


As a service to our patients, we offer the following highest quality products for special purchase.   
Supplement Size Supply Retail Special Description
Alpha Lipoic Acid PL

Powerful antioxidant, enhances the movement of blood sugar into cells, protect against free radical damage to structures within the eye.

Billberry PL
Strengthen and protect the blood vessels that feed the eye. Reduce visual fatigue, and support capillaries and arteries in the eyes.

Ester-C 500 w/Bioflavonoids
Excellent source of Vitamin C.
LipoiCare PL
Powerful antioxidant, enhances the movement of blood sugar into cells, protect against free radical damage to structures within the eye.
Maxivision 120 tabs
Excellent multi-nutrition designed for cataracts and macular degeneration.

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